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TriActive America's fitness experts have taken the guesswork out of deciding which products are right for your needs. From a kid-friendly education exercise arrangement, to the perfect fitness trail, to a military exercise series, we've created fitness packages to

We also provide an innovative science based curriculum that teaches students how to grow an edible garden in school from Seed to Plate using Vertical Aeropononic Tower every need and budget.

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We provide exercise equipment that make fitness fun AND effective! In addition, our exercise stations require no electricity – every product is eco-friendly and powered by people. Because the full line of TriActive Fitness equipment is designed for use in the outdoor world, we turn ordinary land into a green, conservation-clean gym!

TriActive makes a complete line of Cardiovascular equipment, the cornerstone for overall fitness for everyone of all ages.  Health experts say that 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day is more important for fighting obesity then dieting alone, however combined with proper nutrition weight loss will be more rapid and effective for maintaining ones ideal weight.

outdoor fitness equipment


Great Outdoor Gym - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment