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You can find our fitness stations in use at parks, schools, universities, community centers, hotel resorts, golf courses, YMCAs, military bases, first nation communities, correctional institutes, private homes, hospitals and senior homes, cruise ships, gated communities and condo developments, outdoor summer camps, and corporate campuses.

seniors fitness
Seniors Fitness
The studies have been done, the data is in, and news stories abound on the benefits of seniors exercising. Muscle mass and bone density increase, stamina is improved, it slows dementia, improves flexibility, balance, and on and on. We TriActive equipment is designed to improve functional fitness in seniors of any age. A grouping (Package) of our equipment can produce dramatic overall health improvements in a relatively short period of time.

It's safe, economical, easy to install, and we can assist with any site planning you might need.We have been installed at hospitals for use by occupational & physical therapist, community senior centers, senior housing residences, and skilled nursing facilities. We offer a full line of Wheelchair Accessible equipment as well. Call us for more information.
Our equipment has been installed on Church grounds, Corporate Campuses, YMCA's, Universities, Recreation Centers, Community Centers, First Nations Reservations, Home Owner's Associations, Lion's & Rotary Clubs, and even wineries. We have worked with most types of organizations trying to keep their communities fit and healthy. We can help define your fitness goals, assist in choosing the best equipment within your budget, and plan the installation space.
Kids fitness
Kids Fitness
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The obvious answer to solving this crisis is getting kids to exercise. With all of the sedentary distractions these days that's not an easy task. TriActive Kids has designed equipment to make exercise feel like play, which means young people will want to use it.

In addition, they have worked with kinesiology and engineering experts to ensure that all TriActive Kids apparatus is safe and effective. The cost of a TriActive fitness system is similar to a playground installation. We specialize in working within your budgetary constraints and providing the most economical approach to your circumstances. Whether you are a parent, a relative, a teacher, an administrator, a coach, or a concerned citizen, help the children in your life to get fit and stay active by investing in TriActive Kids outdoor fitness equipment. Parents! ... why not workout instead of just watching your kids on the playground?

Triactive Equipment along a trail is synergetic. It complements the typical lower body exercise along trails with upper body workouts. Hikers, joggers, and cyclists punctuate their routines with a variety of exercise. Equipment helps burn more calories per mile. Equipment is easily installed on most surfaces. Equipment like the Multi-Bench serves two purposes ... trail side seating, and a exercise platform. We will assist in planning your trails with our equipment. SEE SAMPLE LAYOUT HERE. Call 1-250-256-9282 for more information.
physical therapy
Physical Therapy
Researchers have confirmed what we’ve all known for years. Being active and getting outdoors has numerous health benefits. Hospitals and Physical Therapists have found our products unique to the practice of rehabilitation. We're the only company manufacturing equipment that can be specifically utilized for outdoor therapy. The equipment is a fraction of the cost of typical indoor equipment and the recovery benefits are greater. It's been demonstrated that outdoor "Green Therapy"  lightens a patients mood, improves their self-esteem, makes them feel less depressed, and much more motivated in their recovery

The hospitality industry is beginning to make a comeback in bookings, but  getting "heads-in-beds" is still a challenge for even the most popular destinations. Hotels, motels, inns, and B&B's are looking for innovative ways to attract new guests. TriActive outdoor fitness equipment can help.

Our equipment offers guests the rare opportunity to get a full body workout outdoors. We can help convert an under-utilized outdoor (or indoor) space on a property into a fitness zone. Some of our open installations in communal hotel areas actually attract guest from other close-by properies. Call us to find out how we can help you attract more guests relatively inexpensively.
Corporate Campus
TriActive equipment is being set up on more and more corporate campuses around North America. We all know a fitter healthier employee is happier at work and has more energy. Being healthier can lead to increased productivity and decreased sick days off.  Why set up a small outdoor fitness park on your company property to allow employees to enjoy some green therapy exercise in the Great Outdoors. They can use it on the breaks before or after work and its better than working out under the neon lights of an indoor smelly gym.
military fitness equipment
Military Fitness Equipment
TriActive is proud to be a fitness equipment supplier to the military. The equipment is used in keeping troops fit to fight. It's been found useful for training purposes and off-duty fitness on bases throughout the world. Some of our recent equipment installations include Kandahar, Afghanistan, the Pentagon Athletic Club, and the C.I.A. complex. TriActive equipment was instrumental in the Coast Guard Base, Kodiak, AK winning an award for their fitness facilities. Here's a partial list of bases where TriActive equipment is currently installed:
  • Vandenberg AFB, California
  • Ramstein AFB, Germany
  • New River Air Station, North Carolina
  • NAS, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Camp Pendleton, California
  • GTMO, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • VA Tuskegee Medical Center, Alabama
  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Fort Sam Houston, Texas
  • Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Naval Special Warfare, Virginia
  • USCG, Kodiak, Alaska
  • Beale, AFB, California
  • Homestead AFB, Florida
  • Fort Shafter, Hawaii
corrections fitness equipment
Corrections Fitness Equipment
TriActive equipment helps to build a better citizen, not a massive inmate. Most experts agree that a fit inmate, is a well-adjusted inmate. Dead weight lifting is being phased out by most corrections facilities in favor of fitness equipment. Most TriActive America equipment is manufactured to be Zimmer Amendment compliant (FAQ), a.TriActive America equipment is a fraction of the cost of traditional indoor and weight lifting equipment. It's durable, tamper resistant, virtually maintenance free, and needs no electricity. A new trend is for corrections management to provide our equipment for use by their CO's. An indoor, locker room installation serves as a great stress reliever for your team. Presently we have done installations at over 125+ detention, jail, and prison facilities.

For more information about our Corrections and Military Fitness Equipment, please visit:

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