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Healthy Initiatives - School Health Solutions
schoolyard gym Healthy Green Initiatives to Help Combat Childhood Obesity.
We're bringing Edible Gardens to the Classroom & Outdoor Gyms to the School Yard!

With Childhood Obesity and Diabetes on the rise Its time for kids to get more active and eat better at school by developing whole strategies that support physical activity and healthy eating habits. By implementing healthy food strategies with educational "plug & play" Tower Gardens that require no gardening experience and more physical activity in the schoolyard with TriActive outdoor fitness equipment packages your school can be part of the Health Solution for students
We now have the perfect 1-2 combination package to offer schools from K - Grade 12 with a curriculum that can help schools with an Action Plan! No waiting until spring students can grow produce all year around in the school classroom! Its time to teach kids about 21st century aeroponic sustainable agriculture.

Edible Tower Gardens
Tower Garden in Schools We're bringing the Farm to the Classroom with Edible Tower Gardens that provide students with a hands on approach of growing their own garden from Seed to Plate - Classroom to Cafeteria.

Kids and teachers can make their own kale chips & dip, fresh salads, pesto sauce and green smoothies from their harvest of fresh leafy greens, fruit, herbs and micro greens grown and picked at the peak of ripeness in the classroom all during the school year.

Our fun, safe and effective TriActive Outdoor Gyms (no moving parts), can offer students and teachers structured exercises or circuit fitness training in the great outdoors to help them lead a healthy and active lifestyle. With our TriActive outdoor gym packages our goal is to provide opportunities for more students to be more active more often.

Classroom Food Farm

Let's focus on Solutions! Exercise and Good Food Choices: The Path to a Child's Healthy Future. The solution is not "eat less - it's to move more and eat more greens".

Tower Garden® simplifies traditional gardening using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow "beyond organic" fresh leafy greens, herbs and fruit. No more waiting until spring to plant your school garden.

Our complete Tower Garden Educational Packages will give students a “Hands On” approach in the classroom to learn about the future of sustainable growing with Aeroponics. Tower Gardens use 95% less water then conventional growing methods by recycling nutrient rich water.

No pesticides or herbicides are used. Its the most cost effective edible school garden to set up and maintain allowing students from K - 12 to have their own edible garden in the classroom.

There are lots of funding grants available across the country for play ground fitness equipment and school gardens.

More funding grants are coming out all the time, so check back with us often for updates on our Funding page and Fund raising ideas to help your school purchase a Tower Garden package and TriActive outdoor gym.

classroom Food Farm

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