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TriActive America Fitness Equipment has been revolutionizing outdoor gym equipment since 2002. Manufactured in North America, Eco friendly and completely powered by people. The exercise equipment includes: strength, cardio, balance, coordination, and flexibility training equipment and the new wheelchair accessible fitness equipment line. Triactive equipment is extremely durable and is designed for the great outdoors in any climate for year around use.

Great Outdoor Gym provides exercise equipment that make fitness fun AND effective! In addition, our exercise stations require no electricity – every product is eco-friendly and powered by people. Because the full line of TriActive Fitness equipment is designed for use in the outdoor world, we turn ordinary land into a green, conservation-clean gym!

TriActive makes a complete line of Cardiovascular equipment, the cornerstone for overall fitness for everyone of all ages. Health experts say that 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day is more important for fighting obesity then dieting alone, however combined with proper nutrition weight loss will be more rapid and effective for maintaining ones ideal weight.

outdoor fitness equipment


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment