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Great Outdoor Gym offers 4 TriActive product lines: TriActive Fitness products, Premium E-Line equipment, Wheelchair Accessible Equipment, and the E-Shade Line. All products are designed for optimal function, safety, and easy assembly and installation. All components are made of powder-coated steel for high durability against damage and the environment. In addition, the E-Line products are manufactured in the U.S.A., and have a 10 year warranty.

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American Made Eco Friendly

10 Year Warranty

The TriActive E-Line
Equipment Expands

TriActive's E-Line is made of recycled steel with E-coat, the next generation of rust prevention coating. The E-line's fitness equipment has been designed by our biomechanical experts to be both effective exercise and easy to use. Safe, durable, eco-friendly, the E-line makes the perfect outdoor fitness experience.

Superior Durability
10-Year Warranty

With an extended warranty, the E-Line products feature an epoxy electro-deposition coating, also known as E-coat. This is the same superior process used by the automobile industry and has shown to be highly effective in rust prevention. This entire process serves as a primer for the traditional powder coating, thus providing a double layer of improved weather resistance.

This process uses electricity to deposit a smooth, uniform layer of plastic coating on the entire surface of a metal part. E-coating involves an eight-stage pre-treatment process, followed by immersion in a zinc phosphate tank for superior corrosion resistance as well as in liquid epoxy, which ensures that outside moisture cannot invade the coated area and cause rust.  Then the parts have a double layer of powder coating, one for color and one clearcoat.  This combination of e-coat and powder coating provides superior, long-lasting durability.


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