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Safety Safety Safety! We cannot stress this point enough when choosing an outdoor fitness park for your location. Unlike other outdoor fitness companies who have had their equipment removed from city parks across the country due to safety and liability issues, we seek to obtain the highest degree of safety for users of our products. Our manufacturing partner TriActive America continuously reviews and redesigns all of its equipment line. We believe safety comes first and foremost in all the products we represent and sell.

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  • Our products are designed to accommodate users of all fitness levels. The equipment and signage are developed to allow easy and safe functionality
  • We provide instructional decals on each piece of equipment for safe usage, and caution decals to alert users of potentials hazards. These decals are American Society of Testing Materials (AMST) compliant.
  • Our standing use products have been redesigned with non slip foot holds
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  • To further protect our customers, we insure that all openings are sealed and there are no head entrapment risks as defined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • All assemble hardware is covered to prevent entanglement of loose clothes and long hair
  • We constantly seek feedback from users and representatives to insure the safety of our products
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outdoor fitness equipment


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment