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Tower Garden In Schools
Tower Garden Package for Schools.
No more waiting until spring to plant your school garden.
Our Tower Garden Package for schools can teach students about sustainable Aeroponic growing for the future using a "hands on approach" in the classroom.

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Tower Gardens bring a modern 21st century way to grow food, and it helps kids understand that there's many ways to grow food today that are much more sustainable then our conventional ways of gardening and farming.

Students and teachers can use the Tower Gardens to learn about Aeroponics and water recycling to grow foods, how to go from seed to plate in the classroom from seed propagation to harvesting fresh greens at the peak of ripeness.

They will learn how to make graphs, care and nurture their plants and determine their favorite vegetables by planting a variety of organic non GMO seeds in a soil less vertical garden that receives a water mist for 15 minutes every hour and that can produce a 30% higher yield then conventional farming methods in 1/10 of the space without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemical sprays of any kind and no toxic waste run off into our streams, lakes and oceans.

The Tower Gardens fit nicely into science, math, health studies, environmental studies, sustainable agriculture, technology and engineering.

The whole goal of them is promoting healthy food choices for students and helping them be in control of growing their own food for the future which will in turn minimize their carbon foot print of having produce shipped from thousands of kilometers away.

school gardens Students can watch videos of how to add the mineral solution, check the PH levels along with proper harvesting techniques and seed propagation in the grow trays. They can learn about the use of full spectrum LED lights that are best for using with their Tower Gardens for a higher yield, better flavour and higher plant nutrient density.

Students and teachers will learn to take ownership of their edible classroom gardens by caring and nurturing for them throughout the school year and get excited about seeing the growth each day. They will learn to trouble shoot problems with the plants and make adjustments along the way.

"Research shows that gardening encourages children to eat healthier. And classes have been using Tower Garden to grow food to stock the school cafeteria, donate to the community, and even sell to local restaurants."

curriculum Here is what other teachers and schools are saying about using the Tower Gardens in their classroom

Here are 5 reasons Tower Garden is a great teaching tool:
  1. You’ll grow more in less time and with fewer resources. Tower Garden uses aeroponic technology, which compared to soil gardening, has been shown to increase yields by as much as 30% and triple the speed of plant growth, while using only 10% of the water and space.
  2. You can grow inside the classroom. Grow lights allow you to garden indoors all school year long, which means bodies (and minds) don’t have to leave your learning environment to grow.
  3. You’ll have less mess. Compared to traditional gardening, there’s less hassle and cleanup with Tower Garden, because it doesn’t use soil.
  4. You can move it wherever learning is happening. With the dolly, you can wheel Tower Garden from the classroom to the cafeteria to the playground—and pretty much anywhere else your students are!
  5. You’ll get growing support. Instructional videos, growing guides, FAQs—the Tower Garden Resource Center is packed with useful information (as is this blog). Plus, Customer Service is always a call away, happy to help troubleshoot any problem you might have.

Still not sure? It may help to know you’re in good company. Here’s what a few teachers shared with Tower Garden on Facebook recently:

“I have seen firsthand, with the Tower Garden in my classroom, what it does for children. They are more eager to try vegetables. It gives them ownership of their food. Once they know how to grow food, they will not go hungry.” – Diana

“My students love to taste vegetables and herbs from the Tower Garden in our classroom.” – Shemaiah

“Our Junior Kindergartners love how fast their seeds pop up in the magic soil, and then how quickly they get to eat the vegetables they grow in their lunches together at school. How great it is to learn so early that we can easily grow the really nutritious and delicious foods our bodies need to be strong and healthy!” – Meg

“I love teaching third grade science, and we love our Tower Garden…We've already applied for a school salad bar to use our fresh produce!” – Julianne

Please feel free to contact us about getting your Tower Garden Package for your School.

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