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Exercise is the key in winning the war on obesity complemented by the right nutrition. The TriActive Fitness™ line of outdoor exercise equipment is designed to provide improved health through the different types of exercise: cardiovascular, muscle and strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. The equipment is specifically designed to optimize the time that you invest in exercise: many of the pieces utilize your whole body as you work through the full range of movement using your own body weight. By learning the movements and modifications through the instructional aids provided, you can progress from a beginning level of fitness to intermediate to advanced.

Great outdoor Gym offers a variety of services to communities, organizations, parks, schools, and others who share our goal of making the joy and health benefits of exercise available to all.  At Great Outdoor Gym, we do more than sell a product – we want to work WITH you to battle obesity and related conditions such as diabetes. When you chose Great Outdoor Gym to bring an outdoor fitness park to your community other area, you are choosing a company with a mission to improve your health and the health of the nation.

outdoor fitness equipment


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment