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Classroom Gardens - Tower Garden in Schools
tower garden for schools School Health Solutions with Tower Gardens for Schools.
Healthy Green Initiatives to fight the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic facing children today.

No waiting until spring now students can grow produce all year around in the classroom. Modern thinking demands 21st century technology with Sustainable Aeroponic agriculture.

We provide an innovative science based curriculum that teaches students how to grow an edible garden in school from Seed to Plate using Vertical Aeropononic Tower Gardens.
Kids can bring the excess produce home to family and friends, have a winter farmers market at school, make great tasting salads, green smoothies, kale chips and pesto sauce to offer in their shool cafeteria.

Tower Garden Benefits

Tower Gardens offer a hands on learning experience to inspire empower and educate students and teachers on sustainable aeroponic growing with 21st century technology.

  • Use heirloom, organic non gmo seeds
  • Use less then 5% of the water and land mass of conventional gardening/growing
  • No chemical sprays, herbicides or fungicides
  • Minimizes your carbon foot print (no tranpotation costs)
  • 30% higher yield then a conventional garden
  • Produces crops in less time than it takes to grow in soil
  • Students and teachers can harvest fresh leafy greens, fruit and herbs at the peak of ripeness throughout the school year in the classroom
  • Less expensive than buying produce
  • No gardening experience necessary

how tower garden works

Tower Gardens offer a hands on learning experience to inspire empower and educate students and teachers on future growing 21st century technology.

See the Q & A on Tower Gardens by Dr. Mitra Ray a biochemist with a Ph.D. in cellular biology from Stanford University

See the latest research study done by the University of Mississippi on Tower Gardens vs Conventional Gardens

Aeroponics: the modern, clean, efficient way to better gardening.
Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. It uses both water and air to produce more colorful, better tasting, better smelling, and incredibly nutritious fruits and vegetables. Aeroponics is a technological leap forward from traditional hydroponics. Aeroponics is sometimes considered a type of hydroponics, as it does use water to transmit nutrients to plants and thus requires no soil. Technically, however, true hydroponics uses water as the growing medium; aeroponics has no growing medium.

What's Included in your School Tower Garden Package:

A science based curriculum for students from K - Grade 12 that will allow students and teachers to experience a "Hands on Approach" to learn to grow a "Food Farm in the Classroom" from Leafy Greens, Fruit Crops- Herbs and Edible Flowers.

Training videos and tips on the following

- Assembling your tower gardens
- choosing the right seeds non gmo organic heirloom
- planting seeds in trays
- setting up low watt led full spectrum grow lights for winter growing on tower gardens
- transplanting seedlings into tower pots at the proper height of tower ie. certain plants go on bottom like tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchinis where as lettuces, spinach, swiss chard and kale go in middle and light herbs and flowers on top
- adding water and mineral solution
- changing water and cleaning tower garden
- ph testing and adding ph up or down solution
- how to clean and maintain tower garden each year
- positioning tower garden in classroom to optimize for natural lighting
- Adding tower garden mineral solution that's required for plants to grow and be vibrant colorful great tasting healthy and packed full of nutrition and flavor

Tower Garden School Package

3 complete Tower Gardens with extension kits to hold 28 plants each shipped to school
3 cages for Tower Gardens to attach grow lights to and hold up plants
3 sets of wheels for TG's to allow for easy movement of tower gardens in and around school and outside
3 sets of low watt led full spectrum grow lights for each tower garden
3 timers - low watt water pumps - drainage tubes - Ph test kits
Tower Garden mineral solution and measuring cup
4 packages of rock wool seed starter
1 Grow light seed tray for starting seeds
Variety of Heirloom - Non GMO - Organic Seed mix
On going customer support and instructions on how to order additional supplies from us via our online store.

Sustainable Growing
Tower Garden Food Farming
How Tower Garden Works
Nurturing Minds and Plants

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