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We provide school yard exercise on Triactive outdoor gym equipment that are fun, safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. Eco Friendly - Requires no electricity - Human Powered

Our TriActive outdoor gym equipment packages for schools offer both safeand fun exercises for elementary age kids all the way up to high school age students. The key to exercise is to make it fun and TriActive has been doing that for over 12 years now installing outdoor gyms in schools all across North America.
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Medical experts are now saying kids need a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise daily in any combination of play for their growing bodies. Among the many benefits are physical fitness, confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and simply a good feeling about themselves.

According to Chief medical editior Dowshen SA (Chief Medical Editor, - Exercise Improves Physical Health
Long-term health benefits of exercise are:

- A stronger immune system! The body’s ability to fight disease is improved. Children are less prone to colds, allergies, and diseases, including cancer.
- A reduction of type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity and improving carbohydrate metabolism.
- A lower blood pressure and an improvement of the child’s cholesterol profile.
- A strengthening of the entire cardiovascular system, including the heart and lungs.
- Children are less likely to become overweight and will have better control of their body fat. Overweight children are able to reduce their body weight and body fat.
- Children develop stronger bone structure and muscle structure.

Active children enjoy additional health benefits, because:

- Exercise increases the blood flow to all body tissues, including the brain. Greater blood flow transports more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.
- Active children improve their body’s ability to absorb oxygen through aerobic exercise. Due to the increased oxygen in their body’s cells they feel more energized. More oxygen translates into more energy!
- Increased blood flow promotes the body’s transportation of the byproducts of metabolism and toxins back from the cells for elimination, recycling, or further use elsewhere. - Children who exercise feel fitter and more energized because of their body’s ability to detoxify.
- Active children breathe better and sweat more. Breathing and sweating are great ways to detoxify the body and help it keep itself “clean.”
- Children increase their over-all fitness through exercise.

Exercise Improves Mental Health

- Exercise enhances the brain’s metabolism. Studies show that active children have improved memory as a result of better brain function.
- Moderate, fun-oriented exercise literally burns off excess harmful hormones and, at the same time, increases the release of beneficial ones. One of the beneficial hormones acts as neurotransmitter for establishing new memories.
- Active children have the ability to concentrate much better, even at the end of a long school day.
- Studies report that exercise decreases anxiety, reduces depression, and improves mood and outlook in children. In addition, their quality of sleep is improved.

Kids Fitness

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in North America. The obvious answer to solving this crisis is getting kids to exercise. With all of the sedentary distractions these days that's not an easy task. TriActive Kids has designed equipment to make exercise feel like play, which means young people will want to use it.

TriActive for Kids Elementary age outdoor gym package. Buy a pre-configured package and save 10% on the purchase price.
(no substitutions).
Choose one of our TriActive Outdoor Fitness packages for your School

Elementary Age Outdoor Gym Package

These exercise pieces of equipment have carefully been chosen to offer a fun-filled workout for children's growing bodies as well as teachers and staff. ALL the pieces of exercise equipment in our Lets Move Kids package are static type units with NO moving parts making them safe for all ages in a elementary school environment. This means virtually no maintenance, or repairs, because there are no moving parts.

TriActive provides Instructional decals on each piece of equipment for safe usage and caution decals to alert users of potential hazzards. These decals are American Society of Testing Material (ASTM) compliant. Equipment included:Horizontal Bar (2 in package), Parallel Bars, Sit-Up Board, Spring Balance Beam, S-Shaped Jump Bar. These packages are great for those who are stretching their dollars, or would like more "kid-friendly" equipment.

TriActive Teenagers - Middle to High School Age Outdoor Gym Package
The Olympian package includes 15 pieces of our more static pieces of equipment. This means virtually no maintenance, or repairs, because there are no moving parts. These packages are great for those who are stretching their dollars, or would like more "kid-friendly" equipment. (sorry no substitutions).

Equipment Included: Balance Beam, Back Extension, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Ladder, ParallelBars, Plyo Boxes, Pull Up & Dip Station, Sit-Up Board, Sit-Up Bench, Multi-Bars, Multi-Bench, Push-Up Bar, S-Shaped Jump Bar, Stretch Post, Spring Balance Beam.

Outdoor Gym in School Park
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Great Outdoor Gym

We also offer customized outdoor gym equipment, please see our products page for TriActive fitness equipment (green & almond color) and pick and choose your own package.

Great Outdoor Gym seeks to combat the obesity epidemic through the services and products it offers. Helping communities take responsibility for fighting the obesity epidemic through providing free outdoor gyms in scools, parks and other public areas…universities, schools, organizations, hospitals and corporations.

Our outdoor gym equipment is designed for all age groups and levels of fitness. It’s much like playground equipment in that its extremely durable and designed to handle the outdoor elements in any climate. Among the company’s staff and consultants are experts inkinesiology, biomechanics, ergonomics, obesity, physical well-being, and athletic performance. Our manufacturing partner TriActive's expert team specializes in functional designs that maximize the workout potential as well as provide ease of use and variety.

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